the personal
monitor mix system

Easy to use, professional features, surprisingly affordable!

Are you looking for the best personal monitor mixing system? Choose the Livemix system from Digital Audio Labs. Livemix is easy to use and it has numerous extensive and professional features. Moreover, the sound is incredible and it’s surprisingly affordable. For more information or if you want to order Livemix please call +31 543 536463 or send an email to

The perfect mixing system

Livemix is the ideal solution which allows less experienced as well as highly experienced musicians to create their own mixes. Thanks to its user-friendly LCD touchscreen, digital scribble strips and ME button to control the volume, every musician will be able to make his personal mixes. You would be amazed by the excellent combination between its user-friendliness and professionality.

Professional features

Livemix offers an analog input as well as a Dante input to connect to a Dante network. It provides you with up to 24 channels each with compression and EQ. Therefore, Livemix is able to get you the most amazing sound. Because of the Mirrormix remote control musicians can help each other while mixing. The master output features are very flexible and give professional users the perfect tools they need for creating an in-ear mix.

Simple to use

In order to use Livemix every system needs an input, a central mixer/distributor and at least one personal mixer. Choose the input you need, either analog or Dante digital and select the central mixer based on how many mixes you need now or may need in the future. Finally, decide how many personal mixers, MT-1 microphone stand mounts and accessories you may need.

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We at Personal Monitor work closely with Digital Audio Labs and we are the only dealer in Europe to provide Livemix. Thanks to our many years of experience within the field of light, sound and video in the Netherlands and Germany, we are able to give you excellent advice about the usage and detailed features of Livemix. You can contact us directly on +31 543 536463 or you can send an email to

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Personal Monitor is proud to be the exclusive dealer of the Livemix system in Europe.